Bisons d’Amérique


Bisons d’Amérique
auteurs: P. Lacombe - JM . Roger (archives Ad’hOC production 1995)
durée: 7 ‘
rubrique: initiatives, mémoire


Depuis 7 ans la commune de Lanuejols accueille un élevage pour le moins insolite. Muriel et Laurent Balembois ont osé introduire des bisons sur ces terres caussenardes traditionnellement vouées aux moutons.

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Nick posté le :10/20/2015 17:15

First off, I have LOVED reading this blog since I sltmbued on it and, save for a few logos, I generally completely agree with your rankings. As a Sabres fan, I kept thinking about where this logo would land, and this seems about right. The solution to solve the awful grey outline problem you put forth is spot on.A note on the naming of the team, which I pulled from the Sabres' official website:(As correctly stated they held a contest which drew over 13,000 entries.) The name Sabres' had been suggested by not one, but four different people and appealed to the owners. As public relations director Chuck Barr wrote in a press release, a sabre is renowned as a clean, sharp, decisive and penetrating weapon on offense, as well as a strong parrying weapon on defense. And on the colors: From there the Knox brothers, Seymour and Norty, chose blue and gold for the uniform colors based on a polo club of which their father, Seymour H. Knox, belonged. Can't wait to see how you stack the top 5 or so logos it would be a challenge for me.

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Joyce posté le :10/22/2015 03:02 — email

I've posted the foolnwilg on Tom Benjamin's blog regarding this:"Right now NBC is the only major network willing to broadcast their product due to the sweetheart deal they have with the NHL. That's why it was willing to extend the deal recently by another two years. They're not losing any money in the deal, they only have to provide minimal coverage, and they can influence both the NHL's regular season and post-season schedule to determine the best matchups.Can you imagine NBC have that kind of sway over the NFL, NBA or MLB? They've got the NHL by the short and curlies and they know it, so they're obviously not gonna lose any sleep over any outrage from NHL hockey fans over switching unannounced to coverage of the Preakness.And they certainly won't care how much Bettman stamps his little feet in protest. In fact, Bettman was probably outraged but didn't say a word to the good folks at NBC, because he needs them more than they need him."" the end of the day Bettman knows the NHL needs to stay on a major network if it has any small chance at all of rebuilding its visibility in the American sports market. He won't simply throw up his hands and quit. He knows the subscription numbers for Versus are small. He knows no other major network wants his product except NBC, and he knows he won't get back on ESPN unless the league can generate more buzz than it does now.Small ratings are better than none at all. Paying NBC to televise the games is better than no major television coverage at all.That's part of the sad legacy of Bettman's tenure as Commissioner. It's come down to practically giving away televisions rights in hopes that somehow, someday, the league might regain some measure of its 1990s popularity."

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Ifa posté le :10/24/2015 03:50

That schlep has been iignrnog my e-mails for years. Worst commish in the history of sports. I could go on and on about all the things he's done to mess(not the word I really wanna use) up hockey.

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